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Trussardi Legnami

Our history

Our origins

When the company was founded in 1872, the Nossana valley was chosen as the location for the small sawmill powered by a water mill, able to saw less than 1 cubic metre of timber per day.
A defining moment came in 1919 when Luigi Trussardi, known as “Barbetì”, decided to move his business to his hometown of Clusone. There, he built a sawmill powered by electricity, which enabled him to significantly increase the production of all kinds of sawn timber and beams, so much so that he was able to secure important projects, including the roofing of the Groppino hospital (Piario) and the Episcopal seminary in Clusone.

Innovations in the early 1900s

In 1932, following the sudden absence of Luigi Trussardi due to poor health, the helm of the company passed to the hands of his son Giuseppe, born in 1912. It was he who, even before the Second World War, equipped the sawmill with a moulding machine for the production of matchboard, which gave a considerable boost to the company and allowed Segheria Trussardi to become a point of reference for many sawmills in Lombardy.

Towards a new century

In 1980, after years of effective control by his sons, Giuseppe Trussardi decided to step aside to allow Luigi, Giuliano and Vittorio to create a company that went on to achieve a considerable increase in work, so much so that it became necessary to build a new headquarters in Clusone, with an entirely renovated set-up and machinery that allowed for the production of some 10,000 cubic metres per year.

Trussardi Legnami today

The latest change to the company’s management took place in January 2004, when Giuseppe and Aldo – as the fifth generation – brought to light the current company, Trussardi Legnami S.r.l., which follows in the footsteps of its predecessors by maintaining the family tradition whilst continuing to expand the business that now employs 15 people and still produces wooden roofing. The company has also come to specialise in the design and installation of civil and industrial structures, in addition to having expanded its experience in the processing of all types of wood for a broad variety of uses – from carpentry to packaging timber.

Our services.

The Trussardi sawmill offers woodworking services for the production of high-quality customised products.

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