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Trussardi Legnami

We have been working with wood for six generations

Our products

We specialise in the design and installation of wooden roofs

Our company has always put a great deal of energy into improving and increasing the efficiency of wood processing systems used in construction of civil and industrial structures.

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Deep roots connect us to the world of wood

Trussardi Legnami processes and sells all kinds of timber for the building, carpentry and packaging industries.
With over a century of experience and now in its sixth generation, the company is able to satisfy an extensive range of needs. A history that dates back to 1872.

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Our services.

The Trussardi sawmill offers woodworking services for the production of high-quality customised products.

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The desire to progressively improve the excellence of our structural timber led us to completing the ConLegno consortium course for Quality Standard Certification.

CE marking is the only way to prove that a product (or manufactured item) complies with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR - Reg. 305/2011). In other words, this declaration validates the manufacturer’s work, in which the minimum standard of the products is defined, in accordance with a harmonised technical specification, allowing the products to be marketed as construction products.