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Our technical department is at your disposal for any advice or clarifications regarding the design and implementation of a project.
Our work together with the customer, advising them on their choices, so we may proceed according to the most suitable solution towards a job being done in the best way possible.


In order to make the wood smooth and perfectly flat and linear, we subject the product to planing, where the raw wood is transformed into planed wood thanks to a special system that simultaneously levels the four sides of the beam, with the possibility of chamfering the sharp edges at the same time, both in the classic style with 45° chamfering and in the “Uso Fiume” type of squaring.


This process has only been around for a few years but we have believed in it since the very beginning. The machine is equipped with brushes that serve to “consume” the soft part of the wood fibre in order to exalt the fibre itself. The naturalness of the wood does the rest, resulting in a unique effect.


Impregnation not only gives the finished product a tint but also protects it against woodworm and mould thanks to a special water-based impregnation agent that ensures that the wood will breathe for years to come.


When the need arises, we provide transport of the products from our headquarters to the destination, availing of our own vehicles.